About Us

Titos London by Ricardo is the story of an intrepid business traveller and designer, Ricardo. The brand deals with luxury goods with an international feel that have been carefully curated, and in most cases manufactured with Ricardo’s personal supervision, and with the help of a highly brand-conscious team.

Titos London By Ricardo

Frivolities have been discarded with, as have superfluous expenses like unnecessary stores with huge rentals and other overheads.

Our revolutionary and vibrant way of doing business results in amazing savings for you, even though what we do is still considered taboo in luxury. However, Titos London by Ricardo truly believes in our business and social ethic of providing exquisite quality to you; at the best price, as well as at a price that genuinely reflects production costs.

Contact us

  •   Mobile:  (+44) 7951138145 and 7768360907
  •   Email: ricdesouza@hotmail.com and ricardo@titoslondon.com